The Objectives of the Society

The objectives of the Hungarian Society of Perinatology and Obstetric Anesthesiology are as follows: helping the activities of its members by creating a professional and scientific platform of national and international relations, facilitating the education of obstetrics, perinatology, neonatology and obstetric anesthesia on national (undergraduate, postgraduate) and international levels, and make a commitment regarding the guidelines of obstetrics, perinatology, neonatology and obstetric anesthesia and anesthetic care.


The Society’s activities


It is committed to the following:

To be engaged in activities based on interdisciplinary voluntary association of members dealing with obstetrical anesthetics and perinatology (obstetricians, anesthetists, and neonatologists), coordinating and assisting clinical and scientific work in the field of obstetrical-gynecological anesthesia, performing interest exploratory activities, and promoting the development of national and international health connections.


Also being responsible for promoting the solution of the social and ethical tasks at the national level in its fields of expertise, participating actively in shaping the public opinion of obstetrics, perinatology, neonatology and obstetric anesthesia, and providing rapid and specialized public information.


In order to achieve its objectives, the Society performs proposing and evaluating activities on decisions, legislation and resolutions affecting its area of expertise.


In order to promote the career of its members the Society is creating training centers, tenders, founding medals and awards, getting involved in editing and dissemination of the literature.


The Society is building relationships with organizations engaged in similar activities in other countries,organising exchange of scientific experiences, national and international congresses.